Thursday 3 May 2012

In the curtains, in the silver, in the buttons, in the bread.

Do you know what I'm going to do?  I'm going to buy a new smartelephone (Old phone missing, presumed pinched.  Some inebriated moron (me) left it in the back of a taxi back in Feb.  Telephoning needs currently being met by an old phone, which is perfectly pleasant but doesn't do apps, and I miss my angry little bird friends.), and then I'm going to download instagram and take square little retro-filtered photographs of all the jolly things I see in my splendid life, so I can put them on my blog and have something to talk about.  I enjoy other bloggers' 'snapshots' posts (cos nosy), and I also seem to have fallen out of lurve with Boring Outfit Posts of late (Ahem.  Cos LAZY.), so I'm going to resort to replacing quality blog content with pictures of food, dresses and particularly high-scoring/hilarious Words With Friends words.

Here is an example of the useless things you will have to look forward to, lucky, lucky readers.  Simon and I frequently find little kitchen notes left for us by visitors, the appliances, each other or 'Mo', our imaginary resident junk food stealer.  Here's one penned by a lasagne.

P.S.  Isn't my new background pretty?

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  1. Were you on contract when you lost your phone? I can't remember... BUT I too am missing the perks that come from having a working smart phone, so I went into the Orange shop to ask about getting an early upgrade (I still have 6 months on my contract) and they said that if I give them £44, I can pay off my contract, and start a new one. Unfortunately the website had mislead me to believe that I could have an iphone on my £15 a month contract, which is not true and I would have to up my contract to £31 a month or something for that snazzy phone, so I currently still have no smart phone as I haven't decided which lesser phone to settle for...


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