Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tequila Sunrise

This afternoon at that time right after lunch when the North wind howls down the school corridors as the doors are opened to re-admit the red-cheeked, squabbling children, my colleague Tara swished past me as I perched on my plastic chair with my ginormous orangey-red llama-wool scarf tucked around my yellow frock and orange tights, and as she swished past, she remarked;

"Oh Elizabeth!  You look like a Tequila Sunrise!"

I thought this was amusing enough to make a Facebook status out of, and when I did so my little sister commented with a plea for a Boring Outfit Post, but I hadn't taken any snaps as it's too blooming dark both before and after work these days.

However, I did have a (dark and crappy, jazzed up with Picmonkey) photograph of a very similar outfit from one futile attempt to take Boring Outfit Pics last week.  So here it be, plus the same dress in its various other seasonal appearences!

Autumnal brights in gloomy November.

Very colourful last October, with my equally bright little sibling!
Posing with some superimposed butterflies in the Spring.
And finally - jingle those bells, it's Christmas time!
Hope you enjoyed my mustardy montage (and were not too irritated by my OCD-unfriendly lack of picture-size uniformality!)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pianos and Petticoats

The Mothership asks me what I would like for my soon-to-be birthday.

I'm sure she hopes for practical, economical suggestions.

Winter boots be damned, all I desire is a plinky-plonky old piano and a super-swishy Doris Designs petticoat.

Plink plonk.  Swish swish.
(Piano pictures from Pinterest, and petticoat pictures from Doris Designs' website)

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