Thursday, 27 September 2012

Autumn Days

Since I am very lazy and have not got round to swapping over my summer and winter wardrobes yet, my summer dresses are suddenly finding themselves reinvented as components of very layering-heavy ensembles.
Here's my picnic blanket dress, in both summer and autumn guises:
(L) With Office-via-Oxfam shoes and a vintage belt
(R) With a Primark jumper, New Look belt, black tights and supercool Fred Astaire shoes
Chilly corridors notwithstanding, here's a sneaky glimpse at what I intend to wear to work tomorrow, in celebration of Roald Dahl day:
I didn't bother to Google-Image research what the real Sophie-from-The-BFG looked like, but I think I got the general idea.  Any excuse to wear my vintage dressing gown!
Roald Dahl-related fact:  Mr Dahl died on my 4th birthday.  I always felt faintly responsible...

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