Thursday, 11 April 2013


Feeling a bit of a ridiculous hipster today, so I have donned my vintage dress and made my pictures all olde-fashionede in colouring.

"Not another new dress?", I hear you cry.  It's a doll, aint it?
It's a well-kept secret, but I don't actually like charity shops all that much. That is, not the clothes.  Well, no, I like the clothes, it's the rummaging that I don't get on with; I'm a lazy shopper and like to see the wares all conveniently laid out for me to browse. I'm sure this has led me to miss out on many a bargain.
Luckily, I am the daughter of the Charity Shop Queen of the North  (also the niece of the Charity Shop Queen of the South), so I am often able to quietly peruse the books and homewares while my relatives sift through the rails.  My mum wins the prize for finding this frock, which has POCKETS, a pointy collar and a fabric belt.
My garden-gate posing isn't as effective in this week's Boring Outfit Post as in last.  It's all to do with the strategic placement of wheelie bins.
Coming up soon on Bette on Toast: holiday snaps!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Two words. Sput. Nik.

Hullo!  Would you like to be introduced to my new dress?

Isn't it awful?  It's got a print like a hotel carpet, and it's ORANGE and BLUE.  I found it on the very last page of the Joy sale, and it was love at first sight.  Here it is on me:

I probably shouldn't wear it with blue tights, but I'm going to anyway, so there.
Despite the short hemline and overall polyesteriness of this dress, there is something very 1950s-child about it.  The russety colour and the shape of the piping on the chest make me feel I should run around playing cowboys and indians, whilst those sticky-outy Star Trek cap sleeves give it a bit of '50s Atomic style.  Cowboys and Spacemen in one.
So, essentially, I'm Toy Story 2 in a dress.
I removed the hair-bow before I went out. It was too girly, and I'm not a girl, I'm a cowboy!
AND, my 1950s-childhood cup of joy is overflowing because Cath Kidston has finally made my cowboy handbag dreams come true!
(Also, P.S., many thanks to everyone who said nice things to me following my last blahg post.  I felt a bit twatty publishing it, but I'm glad I did.  You're all nice, and I'm a lucky Bette.)

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