Saturday, 28 July 2012

Born to Speak All Mirth and No Matter

My first week of the hols has involved...

Ditching pub for pub quiz game at home
A million washing
More pub
Thelma's Gypsy Girls
Shakespeare in the park
Tidying cupboards!
TCM marathons
Sunny bicycle rides
Unsucessful wig-dressing
Being photographed for the newspaper
More pub
Being painted white
Gardening (!)
Slack-jawed yokels
Appearing in the newspaper
Sisters and mothers and aunts
Late-night shopping
The dentist
Day trips to Liverpool
Late-night Olympic opening ceremonies!
Craft-making and art galleries
(Super simultaneous art-gallery-visiting/book-reading-at-the-same-time skillz)
Tomorrow's plans involve taking in a matinee at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival!

Pratting around with the little sister, as standard.

 This is how I enjoy art galleries.

Bette x

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I'm Too Lazy To Think Of A Title.

My infant and junior schools didn't make us wear a uniform, so I never had the opportunity to dress in those cute little red, yellow, blue or green gingham summer dresses that you will have seen modelled by small girls all over the UK during the past term.  Actually, I would rather have died than be seen dead in a gingham dress in those days.  I was a tomboy through and through!

How things change.  Since I may have to actually dress like a grown-up for the next six weeks, yesterday I took advantage of the last day of the school year and paid homage to my six-year-old colleagues in my very own picnic-blanket dress.  I hope you enjoy this pair of annoyingly over-processed pictures of it.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bette with a fringe on top

Good morning viewers! 

The summer holidays are nearly upon us (HOW did that happen?!) and the end-of-the-year celebration events have already begun.  I type this nursing a slightly fuzzy head after last night's staff party, but these photographs were taken on Thursday, after my fellow LSA chums and I stole out of work early to gossip over coffee and cake.

(For variation, a slightly different view of my slug-infested wilderness of a garden!)

For the first time in a fortnight, it WASN'T raining, so I celebrated with a slice of chocolate and amaretto torte almost as big as my head.  The girls said I wouldn't be able to finish it, but I bloody well did!  (It cost me three quid, there was no way I was leaving any for Miss Manners!)

Then I bicycled into town and got myself a fringe.  Do you like?  It keeps tickling me!

(Practising reposing for the hols)

There is nothing very interesting about this combination of clothes, but for some reason I really like the look.  Dress-related fact:  Princess Eugenie has the same one.

What the hell, let's make this a Boring Outfit Post BOGOF.  Here's a quick snap of me ready to go out last night.

Pay no attention to the mess.  That's my tights box overflowing as usual!

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