Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Glamorous Showbiz Life

Viewers, I don't underbloodystand Instagram.

So, most of these photographs are uplopaded from my new telephone the old-fashioned way, with a USB cable.  I lose at the future.

1. Self, in coral.  I like coral these days.  If I were a proper fashion blogger I might do a Polyvore-heavy post about coral, but in reality I'm useless and lazy so I won't.
2. An E-NOR-MOUS apple cake.  The heaviest thing I've ever baked!
3.  Bicycle sporting this season's on-trend florals.
4.  Simon beat me at Scrabble, and I wasn't pleased.

5. The view from my chair in the staff room. First photo on new telephone.
6. A little plastic swallow swooping in my hair.
7. Actual arty-farty hipster Instagram picture!!
8. Gin and tonic inna can.

Maybe by my next boring, information-less blog post I will have learned how to use instagram, and then my snapshots will be prettier.  Here are some more scenic photos, showing my fun weekend in York.  I went down on the Friday night train with Matt, Laura and Phil, to catch the opening night of The Merry Wives of Windsor, performed al fresco in the park, and starring our very own Kayleigh. 

Ok, I've just checked, and I didn't actually take any nice photos.  Instead, here are a pair of snaps of us in the audience (bonus Pimms-in-shoes, if you look hard enough), followed by an arty-farty blogger picture of some spices in a spices shop the following day.

Here are three questions that have been plaguing me lately.  All to do with high-street brands, as it happens - perhaps I should post them on Twitter instead and get sent e-vouchers and freebies in return...?

1.  Why are my two different shades of @MaxFactor Colour Adapt foundation such completely different textures?  One is thick liquid, the other a mousse...

2.  My pretty @Clarksshoes Henderson Sky brogues are beginning to fade.  Where can one obtain hyacinth blue shoe polish??

3.  Are @Aussie_Hair_UK shampoos notorious for stripping colour?  I noticed the bubbles coming off my head were grey (shamp is yellowy out of the bottle), and it's a good few weeks since I last dyed my hair...

Get in touch if you know any of the answers!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Style Stalker: Kerry of Yours Truly, x

Evening all!  This is a Toast Post in celebration of a blog that I have been following quite obsessively for several months.   The blog is Yours Truly, x, and this is its astonishingly well-dressed owner, Kerry:

I like Kerry's chatty, snapshots-of-my-life posts and her colourful photography.  I admire her eclectic mix of post topics, and I love the way she looks like she's having a whale of a time in all of her outfit posts.  But of course, the outfit posts themselves are my favourite thing!  I am in awe of Kerry's ability to magic up unique yet wearable, vintage-inspired without being a slave to period-correctness, cute and cheerful outfits.  I am particularly impressed by her fondness for teeny vintage suitcases as handbags!

The outfit posts on Yours Truly are the bestest because they're so diverse.  Kerry never looks the same two posts in a row!

Sometimes Kerry's clothes remind me of things the Bright Young Twins wear, but, to be honest, although undoubtedly style geniuses, the BYT sometimes strike me as a bit far-fetched, a bit too ethereal and other-worldly.  Yours Truly is a happier, cheekier, more accessible version!

Mildly funny story:  I also follow Yours Truly's Facebook page (I'm good at stalking, me!), and today Kerry uploaded an album of outfit pics from the past couple of years, which made finding these photographs to illustrate this post very easy.  That is, it would have, had I not trawled through YT's archive last night to find them manually!  Ah well!

That's probably enough stalking for one day.  It was very hard to keep the photos down to an acceptable number! 

Three cheers Kerry for having brilliant clothes.  Definite style inspiration!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

In the curtains, in the silver, in the buttons, in the bread.

Do you know what I'm going to do?  I'm going to buy a new smartelephone (Old phone missing, presumed pinched.  Some inebriated moron (me) left it in the back of a taxi back in Feb.  Telephoning needs currently being met by an old phone, which is perfectly pleasant but doesn't do apps, and I miss my angry little bird friends.), and then I'm going to download instagram and take square little retro-filtered photographs of all the jolly things I see in my splendid life, so I can put them on my blog and have something to talk about.  I enjoy other bloggers' 'snapshots' posts (cos nosy), and I also seem to have fallen out of lurve with Boring Outfit Posts of late (Ahem.  Cos LAZY.), so I'm going to resort to replacing quality blog content with pictures of food, dresses and particularly high-scoring/hilarious Words With Friends words.

Here is an example of the useless things you will have to look forward to, lucky, lucky readers.  Simon and I frequently find little kitchen notes left for us by visitors, the appliances, each other or 'Mo', our imaginary resident junk food stealer.  Here's one penned by a lasagne.

P.S.  Isn't my new background pretty?
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