Tuesday 8 May 2012

Style Stalker: Kerry of Yours Truly, x

Evening all!  This is a Toast Post in celebration of a blog that I have been following quite obsessively for several months.   The blog is Yours Truly, x, and this is its astonishingly well-dressed owner, Kerry:

I like Kerry's chatty, snapshots-of-my-life posts and her colourful photography.  I admire her eclectic mix of post topics, and I love the way she looks like she's having a whale of a time in all of her outfit posts.  But of course, the outfit posts themselves are my favourite thing!  I am in awe of Kerry's ability to magic up unique yet wearable, vintage-inspired without being a slave to period-correctness, cute and cheerful outfits.  I am particularly impressed by her fondness for teeny vintage suitcases as handbags!

The outfit posts on Yours Truly are the bestest because they're so diverse.  Kerry never looks the same two posts in a row!

Sometimes Kerry's clothes remind me of things the Bright Young Twins wear, but, to be honest, although undoubtedly style geniuses, the BYT sometimes strike me as a bit far-fetched, a bit too ethereal and other-worldly.  Yours Truly is a happier, cheekier, more accessible version!

Mildly funny story:  I also follow Yours Truly's Facebook page (I'm good at stalking, me!), and today Kerry uploaded an album of outfit pics from the past couple of years, which made finding these photographs to illustrate this post very easy.  That is, it would have, had I not trawled through YT's archive last night to find them manually!  Ah well!

That's probably enough stalking for one day.  It was very hard to keep the photos down to an acceptable number! 

Three cheers Kerry for having brilliant clothes.  Definite style inspiration!


  1. I love her outfits too. The kitschy 60's vibe and that hair! x

  2. I love her outfits three!

  3. Her accessories are stunning!

  4. A 'bit far-fetched, a bit too ethereal and other-worldly' is probably the best negative comment ever. Kerry's a A class babe!

    1. I know going to super market in a edwardian wedding veil isn't for everyone... I don't think our blog was ever met to stand as something from which our readers can create carbon copies of our outfits, rather as an starting point to allow them to interpret our style in their own way, whether that means toning it down a little, or even switching it up another notch on the eccentric scale.

      Although I totally agree kerry is a class A babe with the most wonderful style and is bags of fun. I guess the concept of our blog differs from others out there as it is not meant to be a literal interpretation of what we believe people should wear day to day. Rather I think we intended for it to be more about fun, dressing up and costume, sharing with others our personal way of wearing vintage.

      All the Best
      Harriett xx

    2. Thanks for commenting, girls. I guess the way I feel about Kerry's blog versus yours is this: "a starting point to allow them to interpret our style in their own way, whether that means toning it down a little, or even switching it up another notch on the eccentric scale." - which is what Kerry does, and does brilliantly. She's clearly inspired by the same sort of aesthetic that inspires you guys, but creates her look in her own fun style - which in turn inspires me as it's something that I probably lack the creativity to do/am too lazy to do myself! For me, I enjoy your outfit posts in the way I enjoy a beautiful magazine editorial - fantastical and awe-inspiring images, as you say, "dressing-up and costume" - whereas I enjoy Kerry's outfit posts with more of a day-to-day appreciation of creative outfits I would like to wear myself. And if I'm honest, perhaps even with a practical eye to copy-catting some of her style details! That's what I was trying to get at when I referred to Kerry's outfits as a "more accessible version" of your style. I'm sure I could have phrased it a lot more kindly - sincere apologies if I caused any offence!

      Looking forward to seeing your next "far-fetched and other-worldly", or whatever ridiculous phrase I used, outfit posts!
      Elizabeth x


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