Wednesday 18 April 2012

Boring Outfit Post: Old Black and Blue Eyes

On Monday, which happened to be the first day of the new term, I wore a royal blue dress with a navy blue cardigan, light blue shoes, and tights, t-shirt and belt in three different shades of purple.  (This is the kind of foolish thing I would have done during the winter months when it was too dark and gloomy in the mornings to distinguish colour shades and tones.  These days, even on rainy mornings, it's beautifully light at 6.15 when my alarm sounds, but, unfortunately, I'm still an idiot.)

I like bright colours, but in Monday's outfit I felt a bit clownish, a bit childish.  (Not helped by the fact I was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt under my sleeveless dress.  Essential for warmth in my chilly school, but a tricky look to pull off - very easy to miss the mark and look like a kiddie in a pinafore.)

On Tuesday morning, then, as usual gazing blankly at my vast wardrobe, wrapped in my towel, whilst declaring "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!", I found myself pulling this black dress from its hanger.  I seldom wear it - in fact, I can't remember the last time I did - but this time something told me to dress like a grown-up for once!

Grown-ups can wear blue tights, right??
(Pardon the face. No point putting lipstick on before breakfast!)

This dress and I began our acquaintance in the summer of 2008, when I had a) a student loan burning a hole in my pocket, b) lots of time on my hands, and c) two gorgeous, fashion-plate flatmates, beside whom I felt like a fugly frump.  Between us, we spent a lot of time and money in Topshop!
(Funny how things change - I can't bear to go into Topshop these days.  I think it eats my soul.)

I bought this frock the morning that Heather and Natasha and I got our degree results, (I was actually buying it at the exact moment when my anxious mum phoned me - "Yeah,IgotaFirst,I'llringyoubackin5mins,bye.") and wore it for that night's celebratory night out. (Which I remember as one of the boringest nights out we had, but that wasn't the dress' fault.) 

I am the dimwit with the upside-down hood.

End of reminiscing.  I'm going out for pizza tonight, and I'm going to wear Monday's blue dress again (miraculously, it survived a day in Key Stage One without getting smeared with either play-doh OR snot!), and maybe try and style it a little better this time!

(P.S.  Dress' fault?  Dress's fault? Dresses' fault?  I neither care nor know.)

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  1. ...those blue tights are the most awesome tights ever.


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