Thursday 1 December 2011

Let's Hear It For The Boy

Good news, much-neglected followers of Bette on Toast!  This deserted blog is soon to come alive again, for my long-suffering flatmate, the infamous Simon, has pretty much promised to revive these barren pages with a guest post or two!  SO, if you would like to read a punchy and witty review of what the well-dressed young man is wearing this season (Hint, this:


, then look no further!  All we need to do is feed Simon's ego a bit, just enough to make sure that he doesn't renege on his obligations.  So, comment below with some kind of "I <3 Teachers" bullshit, and maybe there will soon be something interesting to read on my poor blog.

One day I will be inspired and write you a nice post. 
Much affection,


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