Friday 2 December 2011


Chip buttie, Mars bar, cup of tea, pyjamas and Pan Am.  Now that I'm officially halfway to 50, this is what passes for a Friday night here at the house of Lamer/McBoring. 

I was trying hard to write a nice interesting Toast Post, possibly, with pictures of Pan Am, but that sentence was as far as I got because I became distracted by how much I detest Pan Am's boring leading lady, Blondie Plankface.

So anyway, I had a birthday, and lots of nice people spoiled me, so I have spent the first week of my 26th year mainly wearing my new frock, my new sparkly jacket and my new fluffy socks, listening to my new radio[es] and admiring my new pictures, while I brush my hair with my new hairbrush (got to have nice hair for my new hat) and paint on my new eyeshadow, sipping my new gin out of my new mugs AND my new flask, while I think about taking my bike (with its new 'Bette' decal) down to the supermarket to fill my new shopping bag with ingredients to make nice things to put inside my new cake tins so I have something nice to eat while I watch my new dvd.  Phew!

SO!  It is December.  Now, when you earn your living in a primary school, you basically have no chance of successfully avoiding premature Christmas cheer (We've been Away In A Manger-ing since early November), so today I gave up on my Scroogeism and brought out my Mrs Claus look.

(This is a photo from last year, hence the flapper bob.)  I do love my little fur collar.  I wear it as a ski-headband too!

Speaking of last year, I've been trying very hard not to complain too much about the cold, in case the Snow Gods hear me.  Here's a photograph of my front door last December.  Believe it or not, there are fifteen very steep stone steps underneath that welly-submerging snowdrift!  We had to use to back door for weeks.  SO not looking forward to that again...

The Death Stairs were never more aptly named...


  1. The Pan Am girl use to be in Neighbours!

  2. Happy birthday! That girl in Pan Am sucks. I liked that show and watched the first 6 episodes or so, but I've lost track. Don't even know if it's still on.

    Mabel Time

  3. hey! just discovered your blog. and liked your style. will follow you, now;)
    have a Cupcake sweet Monday!


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