Monday 14 November 2011

Black Lace and Paper Poppies

I'm glad I re-discovered my little lace bolero thing the other day around a month ago. (Dear self, post mindless drivel on The Internet more frequently.)  I've been in an absolute frenzy of busyness and activity since then, and I've been doing it all whilst wearing my bolero. I've barely taken it off!  Here are two boring outfit post pictures, which accidentally both involve that wonderful garment:

There was a complicated reason why I had to wear orange, and since my plot to get around this was vetoed by Simon on the grounds that The Simpsons isn't an acceptable style muse (Red dress, yellow tights, red shoes - I still think it would have worked), I instead opted for this orange skirt from the Dorothy Perkins sale rail. (I have had great success in Dotty P's sales lately.  The DID have an orange version of my collection of colourblock dresses, and I would have snapped it up had it not been a size too small!)

Outfit Two is from a burlesque show on 11/11/11, and as usual, my completely frivolous tribute to Armistice Day was to stick poppies in my hair.  But look!  Look at my amazing rockabilly fringe!  Best one I've ever done!  I went to the Jeepers Peepers reunion show at the Cluny and had a brilliant time pretending to be cooler and rockabillier than I am.  Maybe in my next quarter-century I'll have tattoos and dubious piercings...

So long, readers.  Maybe I'll update again before this time next month, and MAYBE when I do I'll be wearing something other than my lace bolero!  Over and out.

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