Tuesday 25 October 2011

In Hollywood Minnie travelled far, They changed her name to Minnie LaMarr

Polkadots.  My wardrobe is bursting with them. (See?)  Most of 'em are red and white.

Dressing up.  I heart it.  Particularly when there are alcoholic drinks, cameras and my bestest chums present.

Small wonder, then, that when I hear the siren call of a fancy-dress party I frequently fall back on my favourite costume, the ever-stylish Miss Mouse.

When I was very little I had a treasured Minnie Mouse dress.  It was t-shirty, and the skirt was red and white stripes and the top had a picture of the Mouse herself chalking "I <3 Mickey" onto the wall.  I loved it! 

Well, we're not going quite that far back in time with this pictorial Toast Post, but we are going time-travelling.  Here is youthful me as Minnie Mouse way back in 2007, and ginger me as Minnie Mouse in 2009...

I made those ears out of coloured card and a polkadot headband, wore them twice, carried them through four house-moves, and then dug them out once more for last month's 'Kayleigh's moving away, so let's all dress up as cartoon characters and get drunk' party.


So Magic Box it was, then, for some generic mouse ears that were too big for my head, and an irritating sponge mouse nose that Simon made me buy even though it kept falling off and it smelt bad.  Oh, and I finally found a use for my silly dungaree skirt. Behold!

Squeak squeak!

1 comment:

  1. Nice evolution, Darwin. My go-to costume was always a cat. And I'm going as a cat again if I can find a party to go to!

    Mabel Time


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