Friday 3 June 2011

Welcome to the circus

Afternoon, readers!  The sun has been shining for the past couple of days, and I've been off work!  (Thank you God for inventing half-terms.)

Here is a totally ludicrous pinafore skirt I bought when I went charity-shop-shopping in Camden with Alexa:

I'd been slightly struggling on how to wear it.  With a black top and black tights, I'd look like Minnie Mouse.  But primary colours should probably be avoided - I think it needs some neutrals to tone it down.  Red and white would look like a football fan during the World Cup.  And what kind of top?  Anything round-necked or long-sleeved, combined with a pinafore skirt would look childish.

I'm not quite sure what gave me the idea of wearing the skirt over the top of another dress that I bought the same day.  This dress, in fact: 

Surprisingly, it worked pretty well!  The only problem was that the dress was longer than the bum-skimming skirt.  Nothing a few safety pins wouldn't take care of, but it turns out that I have no safety pins.  So I sewed it!  I tacked up the dress using highlighter-pen-yellow thread, because it seemed silly to waste useful white thread on a temporary project like this, and really, when am I ever going to use highlighter-pen-yellow thread?

And here's the finished result!

I abominate leggings, but if you're going to ride a bicycle in a short skirt, they become necessary!

I look a bit like a circus performer, but I'm cool with that.

(Speaking of circuses, I saw Water for Elephants last week.  Mr Pattinson still has no charisma, and the plot was a bit 'Moulin Rouge without the singing', but I enjoyed it.  Unspeakably gorgeous costumes, and a scene-stealing elephant, what's not to like?)

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