Tuesday 31 May 2011

Queen Catherine enjoys half term

I've got to kill some time, so while I wait here are some photographs of this morning, when I tried to take advantage of the sun and take some portraits of my beautiful bicycle.  (Also pictured, my amazing bicycle-and-handbag co-ordinating skills.)  (Lengthy effort to get me in the picture as well proved disastrous, but nobody wants to see my face anyhow.)

Black, cream and brown Dutch bike:  Capital Cycles
Black, cream and brown handbag:  Primark

Catherine capsized during the taking of these pics, due to the sloping nature of the front garden.  After that we pootled off to the supermarket, but that also turned disastrous when I got to Morrisons and found that my bike lock was still in the flowerbed, post-capsizing.  So we pootled back again, and the front garden was full of ladders and workmen measuring Mrs Upstairs' windows (either that or they were burglars), and I feared they would laugh at me if I just picked up a bike lock out of the grass and cycled away again, so I came inside the house as though I had meant to do that all along, and here I must hide until they go away again.  I hope they buzz off soon, I'm extremely hungry.

The end.


  1. Hahaha you're hilarious :) also, where are you hiding this nice weather?? None of it has reached the medical school!!!!

  2. Wow, your bike is so gorgeous! I am seriously in need of one, methinks! I love your satchel too!


  3. Beautiful bike!!! Im a little jealous, I love mine but she is definately not so stylish. xox


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