Sunday 18 September 2011


The ONLY worthwhile thing I've achieved today has been cleaning the messy polish off my nails.  Seriously.

For the past couple of weeks I've been sporting Models Own Juicy Jules, a mega-glittery shade that, let me tell you, goes down a STORM with the under-5s.  I think they think I'm some sort of fairy.  Anyway, it's pretty but a total beeyatch to remove. I'm pretty sure the main ingredient is Superglue.  There are two known ways to take off Juicy Jules; either by compulsively picking at it during moments of boredom or nervousness (one reason I needed it to disappear today - I've got an audition tonight and it wouldn't do to be scraping off the remains of my manicure during!) OR by the very useful method invented by Gem Fatale, which I am demonstrating below.

I think I resemble some sort of creepy alien from Dr Who that might make Kayleigh hide behind a cushion.  Without my make-up on I DO look a bit like a minotaur, it's true.

What you have to do is cut a small piece of cotton wool, dip it in nail varnish remover, attach it to your nail with a strip of kitchen foil (I used Sellotape, because money (or, for that matter, kitchen foil) doesn't grow on trees y'know), sit and wait for ten minutes, then un-tape and simply wipe away any remaining sparkles.  I daresay soaking your fingertips in nail varnish remover isn't very good for your health, but one has to make sacrifices for the sake of glamour, doesn't one?

*Sigh* I thought writing a toast post (about nail varnish remover of all things. How low have I sunk!) might count as achieving something today, but it clearly does not.  Ah well. 

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