Monday 26 September 2011


One, Two, Three




I like my Dorothy Perkins colourful dresses. I like bright tights and plastic jewellery, too.

Best of all I like convincing Kayleigh to buy one two as well and going to parties as creepy awesome twins.

(Should have been red shoes, I know... 
There was a complicated tights situation that you just wouldn't understand.)

 Sunday Girl necklaces, naturally.

Miss you already, Ginger McDramaQueen.


  1. I really enjoyed your happy colour post, and then when I saw your finishing line I was really sad!!! I miss you one million also, already, even though I haven't gone yet, and in homage to your post, my washing line currently runs thus: Yellow dress, Blue dress, Red dress, Purple Tights! :) xx

  2. Nice post! I love the mix of mustard and blue :)
    Annest X

  3. NO, no, no! Mustard dresses=bad!!!! Also going off those blue tights now-give them to a passing smurf! Love the purple dress though-think it may be one of the next items that I pinch when I come to visit next. xoxo

  4. Although having just posted that, I looked at the mustard dress again and it actually looks nice, apparently its just blue tights that I have an issue with! xox

  5. I love the necklaces, I have two the same!! <3
    Also LOVE the dresses, but this style looks awful on me, awesome colours!!

    Got a giveaway on my blog if you fancy it chick!!

  6. Whoa, I pretty much love all of those dresses. They look great on you, too!

    Mabel Time


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