Friday 18 February 2011

We are Dainty Little Fairies

Last week I went to see an excellent production of Iolanthe, starring some of my very talented friends.  The opening chorus featured ladies dressed as fairies in frills and wings, stamping around in Doc Martens:  “We are dain- THUD lit- THUD fair- THUDS”  Hilarious.  Anyway, that scene wasn’t a conscious influence when I got dressed this morning, but once I realised that I had no shoes that matched this outfit (I seldom wear pink, so I’m not accustomed to not being able to use red as my default accessory colour!), clunky boots were my only option.

This dress was another sister-reject.  (My sister, being more sensible than me, didn’t think “Hmm, a pink ribbon and black tulle-embellished polkadot prom dress, suitable for a 12-year-old girl going to a school disco…  Brilliant, I can totally wear this for work!”)

Anyway, I’ve got a very important question for you, readers, so please comment below.  Which looks the more eccentric, green turban (forwards or sidewards with huge flower clips), or red feather headband?

I will reveal all in due course.


  1. Green turban looks more eccentric to me dearest Bette although a most eccentric look could incorporate one over the other... just as an idea

    It depends on how far you are wanting to go =)

  2. Forward turban is the most eccentric. Red feather headband is the nicest. Sideways turban is eccentric in a 'not all there' kind of way. x

  3. Turban on the side is both eccentric and BRILLIANT.

  4. One vote for turban forward with red feather accessory. Nothing says eccentric like wearing Christmas colours at non-Christmas times of the year!


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