Saturday 19 February 2011

Three Things Right Now

Posing in the bathroom with giant head bow and shiny purple camera Casimira while waiting to go out:

Loving how theatrical my little vaudeville-dressing-room bedroom looks with the lights off and the lamp on:

Super stripy, fudgy, chocolatey cake I made:

SIMON: [tutting] Somebody has left this cake in a non-uniform shape! [Cuts off a sliver to make it symmetrical]
BETTE:  I can't believe we've eaten exactly half a cake today.  
SIMON:  Can't you?
BETTE:  No, you're right, I can very well believe it!
SIMON:  Tch, it's only a little one.  It's a two-person cake.

Happy Birthday Simon!


  1. It DID look amazing - it never made it home with me that night. I suspect it's gathering dust behind my friend's sofa. (Either that or he's stolen it for himself - how can you miss a bow of that size during the post-party tidy-up?!)


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