Tuesday 15 February 2011

A Wandering Minstrel I, A Thing Of Shreds and Patches

As you may have noticed, I love to have lots of clothes, but I’m a cheapskate and very rarely buy full-price clothes in 'real shops'.  I dig around for treasures in charity shops occasionally, but mostly I just rely on the charity of others and tend to collect various bargains and cast-offs that my friends and relations generously donate to me.

Today’s Boring Outfit Post is the result of an act of charity on the behalf of my sister, who kindly loaned me this pretty cream lace dress to wear on Christmas Day:

I was a little bit sad when a few weeks ago she blogged about how she was in the process of dying the lace dress purple.

Sadly for Stephanie, the dye only took around the edges of the lace flowers, and turned the dress a wussy lilac instead of the strong purple she was hoping for.  In addition, the outer layer shrunk slightly, making the lining (which had resisted turning purple but had gone a dingy beige) stick out of the bottom.  She didn’t care for the end result and decided to fling the dress my way.  Wahey!  Thanks, Teff!

Dress:  Primark, via ebay, via sister
Purple tights:  Christmas present
Boots:  Second-hand shop

I like the way that the cute little buttons turned pink in the dying process.

And if my badly-dyed, lining-exposing, third-hand dress weren’t shoddy enough by itself, I wore it with the most dilapidated, leaky, liable-to-disintegrate-at-any-moment boots in the world.  Aren’t they a state?

I love them and refuse to get rid until they literally decompose beneath my feet.  AND it’s been bleedin’ cold at school today, so I’ve been shuffling around the corridors with a very student-scumbaggy, non-work-attire hoodie over the top.  Hooray!

Previously on Bette on Toast…

 Just in case anyone was wondering how my catastrophic cake turned out the other day, here is a picture of the finished article:

Shame the birthday girl was too hungover to fully appreciate it, mwahaha!


  1. Oh my goodness. If you will indulge me, I have my own boots story to tell!

    I had a pair of boots which were falling apart last winter which I refused to throw away. They were so perfect. Originally, they had this hard, semi-high heel, but with my excellent shoe smithery skills (and a pair of old flats), I turned them into awesomely comfortable boots. When, about three months later, they started falling apart, I fixed them with more glue and black electrical tape. Then when that failed, I fixed them with more electrical tape. Then when that failed, I just wore them with a flapping heel that made me trip. Eventually, they got to the point where I was forced by Matt to throw them out. I was devastated. Best. Boots. Ever.

  2. Also, having a fashion conscious sister who gives you their cast offs is awesome. I swear, 90% my wardrobe is made up of sisterly cast offs/op shop clothing.

    P.S. Those mugs are squeeable!

  3. Holy moly, those boots are a state! What do you do if it unexpectedly rains? All for cast-off clothing, Mr D did a clear-out for charity the other day and I scored 4 jumpers, a pair of jeans and a shirt. Hurrah for not being too proud to scavenge! x

  4. Love your birthday tea party - I'd have tea and cake for my 3 meals a day if I could (and if nutrients weren't necessary...)

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  5. I still like it as a wussy lilac!


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