Tuesday 4 January 2011

Wo-o-oah, give me a chance, 'cause when I start to dance, I'm a mooovie star!

My new favourite blog:


Someone please restrain me from sending Sarah of SBV a stalkerish email with an itemised list of why we should be best friends. 
(It would start as follows:  1. We both like berets and dresses and bargains, and glancing at her photos I've seen a few things that have twins in my own wardrobe.  2. She has exactly the type of blog I'd like mine to be (a bit style-y, but not a Fashion Blog, a bit nice-things-I-like-y, but not a Flickrporn blog, a bit I-am-chatting-on-mindlessly-about-my-daily-life-in-a-warm-and-funny-narrative-voice-that-enchants-the-reader, but not ever a dull blog), but with better photos.  3. She has nice hair.  4. We seem to both like using snatches of vaguely-relevant quotes or lyrics for blog titles.  5. She likes red dresses and dressing "matchy-matchy".  6. She makes nice cakes, and I feel it's very sensible to have friends who make nice cakes.)

It is January the FOURTH (I actually had to look that up because I couldn't remember the hell how many days old January was!) and I haven't got a New Year's Resolution yet.  I tell you what though, 'Banish the Christmas Podge' isn't going to be one of them, or if it is it isn't going to have much success.  Yesterday was thwarted by Simon appearing with a fruitcake, today was thwarted by the staffroom still being full of Christmas biscuits and chocs, tomorrow I'm going out for dinner...  What's a girl to do?!

There haven't been many dead movie stars gracing the pages of betteontoast for a while, so here's a selection to make this gloomy January evening (apparently we're going to have more snow later this week OH GOODY (SARCASM)) a bit prettier.

New Year's Resolution: Become more like Jane Russell.


  1. You're missing a certain tag on this post.

  2. Grrr, blogspot ate my comment! I just saw this post and it's so sweet, BLESS YOU. Awww. I feel all blushy now! It's especially funny because I am so the type of person who has lists in my head of people I feel like I should be besties with, and often have to refrain from sending them similar emails (have even sent late night drunken tweets in this vein before - oh dear!). Anyway, I hadn't been to your blog before (I actually came looking for the purpley dress post you linked to and then was having a nose) and now I am definitely following you, it's a lovely blog! And one always needs more besties. :)


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