Saturday 8 January 2011

Lazy Saturday - Cult or Classic?

What IS the plural for Quality Street?  Is each individual choc a Street, so you have a box of Streets?  When I was at school and those completely horrendous Rockport boots were en vogue with the completely horrendous oiks at my completely horrendous school, you used the brand name as the plural. ("You got new Rockport yeh? Ow much woh theh?", "Undred." "Ah, mine woh undred n twe'y.") One Rockport, two Rockport, one pair of Rockport.  Is it the same with chocolates?  Anyway, I've had five so far.

Reliving school has made me feel quite faint and I've forgotten what I was going to talk about.  Something about the water gushing down our kitchen walls and the reservoir under the floor tiles?  Well anyway, to cut out all of the important details in order to make a long story short, the heating's off and the windows are all open and the flat is COLD.

"I'm cold."
"Let's go out somewhere warm.  Let's go to the Butterfly Cabinet."
"But I want to be thin."
"But the house is full of chocolate."
"Flawless logic, let's go out and have pancakes."

(Anyone interested in the flooded-kitchen saga may visit Simon's blog for a rather vile photograph of a burger and the full detai -actually, he hasn't really put any more details than I did, so don't bother.)

And then we came back and ate Quality Street/s and watched 'Allo 'Allo.  Here is a picture of a doll I found at Granny's house:
Dead ringer, ain't she? Right down to the plait and "GO AVAY!" expression.
Best thing about 'Allo 'Allo is the perfect WW2 hair.  Well, if you overlook Yvette's '80s perm, Helga and Edith always have amazing updos that are exactly right, AND they're different every episode.  I like that the show's stylists put a lot of effort into the hair.  Hair is important.

We're going to see The King's Speech tonight (because today is the 8th, not yesterday).  The Tyneside Cinema is extremely pretty, and I imagine the film will have good costumes.  And I'm going to have popcorn for tea.


  1. Maybe since the tin is Quality Street the chocs are residents? I had Roses for breakfast in bed this morning, it was very decadent (this is what happens when Mr D is out of the house).

  2. Your blog is hilarious is such a great way! I am so glad I found it. Love the "boring" outfits!

  3. *blush* Thanks Sweetie Queen Elbi!


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