Wednesday 12 January 2011

My blog's first review in the national press*

(*Facebook totally counts as the national press)

I went back to my tap dancing class tonight, and I also stayed on and did the next level up class for clever people (BAD MOVE, oh, my poor little feet) so I'm consequently exhaustipated and fit only for burbling gibberish like hop shuffle hop shuffle hop step, shuffle hop step, shuffle hop step, and-a-one-and-a-two-and-a-three, four, and-five-and-six-and-seven-and-eight.  So it's probably a bad idea to attempt a post tonight. Instead I'll let my chum Alexa do the talking (don't worry Simon, she won't actually be talking), via a Facebook message she sent me earlier today.

Ok so you need to tell me how I can comment on stuff on your actual blog, because I am super witty and you need my opinions on stuff and at the moment I am having to flick between tabs to see posts and tell you what I think on facebook (please note tabs, not separate web pages, because I am moving on to be a modern luddite!).
First important comment-stop wearing the necklace in your hair, I do not approve!
2) Love the random furry girl, I would like to be her too. Also I think muffs should be brought back into fashion and intend to start a trend, be warned this is probably what you are going to get for Christmas next year.
3) Stop tasting bath products! You are not a 5yr old!
4)I love the white and red outfit. Stephanie's dress is like mine but its better so please can you steal it for me!
5) I made my friend Katie look at your blog and she said "shes very pretty isn't she"
6)Do not put pictures of chocolate on your blog, it makes me want some and like every other female on the planet, I am trying to be good this month-that said, I may have snog for dinner!
Also I love that because I know you, when reading your blog I can hear your not so dulcet tones!
Much love xoxoxoox
It made me smile!


  1. Tap dancing! Oh wow, I miss doing that. I got pretty good when I was younger, maybe I should try it again.

    Keep blogging because I like reading!

  2. So Alexa's getting "guest blogger" status before me?! Shocking!

    I think you and Alexa should keep your muff chats private. Alexa will have to fight against many beauty salons if she plans to single-handedly bring them back into fashion.


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