Monday 3 January 2011

What are you doing New Year's, New Year's Eve?

Merry new year, imaginary-friends-on-the-internet!
Personally, I'm a little sceptical - I don't trust odd numbers.  No good can come of a year ending in eleven, mark my words!


I believe it's customary among bloggers to post frequently during the festive period, with a 'here's how I've decorated my tree' post, and a 'here's what I've been baking' post, and a 'here's what I got for Christmas' post, and a 'here I am ready to go out on New Year's Eve' post, but I'm very lazy so I haven't done any of that sort of thing.

Here's a boring outfit post instead!

Aside from needing a necklace, I rather like today's casual, most-of-my-clothes-are-still-in-the-suitcase-and-I'm-only-getting-dressed-at-all-because-I-want-to-put-my-pyjamas-in-the-wash ensemble, and I might even chuck it on again tomorrow because I'm a dirty slattern.

Please admire my flowery tights, which were a Christmas present from my friend Hannah, who knows me very well!

I got my grey cardigan in a charity shop last week.  I think it will henceforth be known as 'the Hermione', because it's exactly that school-uniform shade of grey, and it has a lightening bolt to show that I'm a WIZARD!

Now I'm going to show you a few more outfits, only these ones aren't boring, they're festive!  

Do you know the best thing about annoyingly beautiful and stylish sisters?  Borrowing their clothes.  Here I am on Christmas day, decked out entirely in Stephanie's finery, tights and jewellery and everything!

And here's the rightful owner, with me, on three successive Christmas mornings. 

I think we get better with age, don't you?!

One night we dressed for dinner, and I enjoy this picture because I remind myself of the very glamorous Vintage Baroness (and you should follow her blog if you like gazing wistfully at pictures of elegant 1930s dresses)

I know the shoes aren't quite right, but I had limited options and it was those or wellies.

(Still obsessed with wearing that leaf necklace on my head.  Definitely one of my more brilliant ideas!)

I'm going to leave you with a picture of my best Christmas present.

It's gin and tonic flavour shower gel!!  And it really smells like G&T!!
(It tastes quite like G&T as well, until the bubble bath taste kicks in...)
Num num num.


  1. I loved that 2nd christmas picture last year and then I saw this years and actually thought "they get better with age!" Here's hoping next year you'll look even better, if that's possible! Check both of you with your sleek hair!

  2. Bwahaha, thanks Nicola! Well, it couldn't really get much worse than Christmas 2008, could it?!

  3. Your sister's lace dress is lush, you should steal it forever. And G&T shower gel - awesome!!

  4. It's nice, isn't it! I think I'm going to stalk ebay in the hope another pops up.

  5. oh, how marvellous!!! I am so flattered to have inspired your glamourous outfit! LOVE that floral hosiery, adore that lace dress as well. Oh, I have that same birdie silhouette necklace (love it to bits). G & T shower gel sounds like just my thing :)

  6. Glad you approve, Baroness! Thanks for stopping by!


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