Saturday 18 August 2012

Seventies Sulkyface

I got my fringe trimmed a couple of days ago, and since then there's been something not quite right about it.  It's gone a bit '70s pageboy.  I think there's too much upside-down-U-shape going on...  I've got a sadface fringe!

Today I went with it, but I think soon I might get the scissors out...  Try to become a little more Bettie and a little less Purdey.

For now though, a dress with a pointy seventies collar and some sulkyfaced Yestercolour-ified photos of Bette in the wrong decade.

 I think this face was 'Am I in shot here?' puzzlement!


  1. Yay for yestercolour! I think your fringe suits you shorter but if you're really unhappy with it I would get it cut straight across rather than tapered for that Bettie look! :)

  2. Elizabeths are nice to look at :)


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