Saturday 23 July 2011

Viva la Friday

I know, it's Saturday, so my title is a day behind the times.  Never mind.  This didn't get posted yesterday as I was held up on set of the film I spent the afternoon shooting.  (True story! Watch out for me gracing your cinema screens in 2012/13 - ok, you might have to squint to spot me in the crowd behind Vanessa Redgrave and Gemma Arterton, but I was there!)

Anyway.  Boring Outfit Post ahoy.  End of term/housewarming/leaving party, and my new frock.

Dress: Miss Selfridge, shoes: vintage, bag: Primark

Also I bought a pretty something for Catherine to wear:

A lovely oilcloth pannier bag from Viva la Frida!


  1. Aww, i love bicycle bags :D nice dress too!

  2. I am massively jealous of all items in this post. May have to get my bike some of those saddle bags (its not a present for me, its a present for the bike). Also that dress is so me, what are you doing wearing it, it has floppy drappy sleeves and everything! xoxox


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