Thursday 21 July 2011

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Five Things I Love, Right Now.

 1. Caro Emerald
I can't seem to stop listening to Caro Emerald's album, 'Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor'.  I never have tunes on while I'm faffing on with my laptop, but with this baby I'm obsessed to the extent that I've started manufacturing situations that require background music, so I can listen as I bake or tidy up.  I've been doing my listening on Caro's own website (thwarting Spotify's recent limited access shenanigans, mwahah!), but I'm going to actually BUY the album with real money, so I can have it on my 'pod while I whizz around the country on trains in the imminent school holidays.

'That Man' and 'A Night Like This' are the album besties, but my favourite is the cheeky, cheesy 'Dr Wanna Do'.  It reminds me of that beautiful example of '90s bubblegum pop, 'Doctor Jones' by Aqua.  Which I imagine is exactly what Miss Emerald was going for!

2. Sleek Pout Polish
Jolly good stuff, this.  I can't bastard find my pout polish at the moment, but I assume it's in one of my handbags, as I've been using it and carrying it around with me on an almost daily basis.  I can't be doing with sticky lipglosses, plus I find that wet-look, blowjob lips look rather naff.  These polishes (Dunno why I'm talking about them in the plural, I've only got the one - 'Pink Cadillac') are a creamy consistency rather than a gloopy liquid, and they absorb into the lips, leaving the colour with none of that slimy, flyaway-hair-trap annoyingness.  The one I've got is very pigmented, which I approve of, because I like a bright, obvious look, none of this "a sheer wash of colour" silliness.  It also means that you get the boldness of wearing lipstick, but without the drawbacks - 'Pink Cadillac' is a similar colour to my favourite 'Cherries in the Snow' lipstick, but I find the Cherries can be rather drying.  The little Pout Polish pots are a very convenient size and shape, too.  Stocked in Superdrug for a very reasonable £4-ish, I may have found a new make-up addiction.  I'm intrigued by the purple one, which is glamorously called 'Monte Carlo'...

3. My Legs!
Cycling and tap-dancing have worked miracles on the shapeliness of my pins!  Ok, I've still got tree trunk thighs, but I probably always will, and trust me, they were worse before!  Bette on Toast tip: cycling in platform wedges hurts the thighs a lot more, therefore (probably) burns three million extra calories per hill.

With legs love comes playsuit love.  I don't know if you remember my story about how I accidentally bought a playsuit that looked like a dress?  Well, that little garment has turned me from a playsuit-hater into a playsuit-champion.  I really wanted to wear it, styled as above, for my end-of-year staff night out on Friday, but Simon convinced me that me legs were too bruised, so I wore my green '50s-style dress, and regretted it all evening.  Serves me right for taking Simon's advice for once!  To make up for my short-sightedness, I wore my playsuit out for dinner with my LSA pals yesterday.  I WAS tempted to bare-leg it, but I'm glad I didn't, as I would have been laughably overdressed for Scalini's!

My attempt to dress the playsuit down turned the look from '40s pin-up to a bit more of a '70s aesthetic.  Also pictured (and also rather '70s, I now notice), my new dress.  £10 in the Miss Selfridge sale, and earmarked for yet another end-of-term party tomorrow night.  It's got the biggest sleeves you've ever seen.  Coming soon to a Boring Outfit Post near you!

My face couldn't stand it that my legs were centre of attention.


4. My Job
I bleeding love it, you know.  All the good bits of being a teacher, but I finish at 4 o'clock every day and don't have to do planning.  And we have school plays and picnics and staff parties and the small people give me hugs and there are always plenty of biscuits.  It's the last day of the year tomorrow and much as I'm looking forward to a well-deserved (though I say so myself!) holiday, I'm (almost) feeling downright soppy...   I bleeding love my job.

Practically perfect people never permit sentiment to muddle their thinking.

I can't be mithered to think of a fifth thing I love.  Here's a peep-show into our hilarious life instead.

Simon, cowering in a corner as I cheerily donned my rubber gloves and got ready to empty the mouse trap: "I'm so glad you're a boy."

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