Thursday 14 July 2011


This is a photograph of me looking cute on my fourth birthday.

Isn’t my hair nice?  It’s clean, shiny, silky, neat, classic and very cute.  This is because I was four and my mum was in charge of my hair.  Shortly after this I started refusing to have my fringe cut, because I liked peering sinisterly up at people from beneath it, and shortly after that I refused to have the length cut at all, and shortly after that I refused to brush my hair because it hurt hurt hurt, and Mummy Hamer and I would have lengthy, tearful arguments every morning, and Daddy Hamer would threaten to brush my hair with rusty nails hammered into a piece of wood, and still I would refuse.  I was eight then.  eight-year-olds aren’t very nice.  Soon I was a teenager and wore it in a ponytail, so as to blend as invisibly as possible into the crowd of ponytailed girls at my horrible school.

Then Facebook records began.  Throughout most of university I had long, thick, unlayered, side-partinged, natural-dark-brown, hair. Continuing the birthday theme, here I am at my 21st.  

It was a bit dull, but sometimes I did awesome things with it.  Like this. 

Anyway, one day, *snip!*, I had my ponytail cut off and sent to a charity that makes wigs for children undergoing chemotherapy, and the remainder was a neat little brown bob again, like four-year-old me. 

The sad face was staged.  I can't remember the back story now!
After that the mop was in various stages of ‘bob in between hair trims’, and then I was a postgrad with no money for haircuts (or for food or fun, as I feel is evidenced by the desperation in my eyes) 

And then suddenly one day *ping!* it was ginger.  And by ‘ginger’, I mean ‘cheesy wotsit orange’. 
The ginger love prevailed for a few years.  One time I had a dodgy sideways fringe. 

One time I had a 23rd birthday party, and had the best updo ever. 

One time I had maniacal 1940s curls. 

One time I had a coaster to match my head.

Then one day, *ping!* I had a choppy ginger bob. 

After that, (birthdays again, this is my 24th) I had a round black flapper bob a la Brooksie 

Then it was brown and a different shape. 

Now, I’m bored.    

Drunk, but bored.
I would like hair like this lady next.
(That is the authoress of blog A Fine Day forSailing)

I’ve had hair like that once before. 

Actually, twice before.  


  1. You really suit a short bob with short fringe a'la 'choppy ginger' and 'brooksie'. I would do mine like that if my face shape suited it

  2. Thank you! My favourite style is definitely either short and dark or long and ginger - wish I could make my mind up which one I like better!

  3. Mellow,
    Saw your comment on Vixen Vintage's post about bacon and I had to follow you here, I mean... Bacon! Who could resist? Anyways, I am very very delighted to read your blog. I think you look super in the post-grad photo, the first ginger, the coaster one and well... many others. (especially the last one!) Great post, I love seeing the transformation. xox

  4. I love the description of your blog at the top. My blog is supposed to be a style blog, too, but, I have such a crap camera and a one room, dungeon apartment where no pictures ever turn out right, mostly. And I love your choppy ginger bob! I had a cut like that once, too.


    Mabel Time

  5. This post made my day.

  6. You've always had very lovely hair! haha
    lovely blog <3

    be sure to check out my blog if you have the time! (:


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