Friday 1 July 2011

Boring Outfit Bumper Bonus

A handful of daily outfits I haven't bothered to fashion into any toast posts yet.

To start with, yesterday's outfit:

Top:  Topshop via Oxfam
Shorts:  Primark, in 2006
Cardi:  Dorothy Perkins
Shoes:  Office
Headscarf:  vintage
Yesterday at school the teachers were on strike, the children were playing in the streets, and I spent the morning sorting out boxes and boxes and boxes of books in the school library and having a whale of a time.  The rockabilly hairdo was inspired mainly by the fact that I was getting a lift into work and walking home and therefore didn't have to worry about my bike helmet squishing my 'do!

Oh no, what happened to the side of my circle?!
My t-shirt has frilly shoulders!  That afternoon I went for a run walk with bits of jogging, and couldn't be bothered with changing my top half, so just swapped the shorts and plimsolls for joggers and trainers (and I must admit, I did also wear my totally unsexy sports bra) and went out looking far too adorable to be taking part in any form of exercise.

We're apparently moving backwards in time in this post.  This next outfit was from a couple of weeks ago:

Dress:  Miss Selfridge via charity shop
Cardi:  Warehouse via charity shop
Shoes:  Fat Face via ebay
Necklace:  made by me

Showing off my tights necklace!

Moving back in time yet again, this next one documents the only time I have ever worn shorts with tights.  I felt a trifle silly, but I don't get to wear my khaki culottes very often, as they're a bit too short for someone with thighs like mine!  (Not to mention the bicycle-inflicted unsightly bruises covering my shins!)

Shirt:  Henry Holland, from Debenhams
Shorts:  Oasis
Fishnets:  No idea.  I'm certain I didn't buy them.
Shoes:  Primark.
The occasion for this one was a hilarious and drink-sodden late-night showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the beautiful Tyneside Cinema with some of my pals.

And look!  Zebra top and zebra earrings!  Those were brought back from Tanzania for me by my friend Hannah.  Also, pahahaha, look at the crappy photoshopping going on on my neck.  A strand of my hair was caught under my collar, and it made it look like I had an unfortunately hairy neck.  I don't have an unfortunately hairy neck.

Finally, and quite a while ago, judging by my hair, this is a dress I bought from Asos on one of their random 25% off days.  I sent it back in the end, because it was a smidge too short for work, and not garishly coloured enough for my going-out tastes!  

I liked it because it reminded me of a favouite dress that I wore constantly during my second year of uni.

I was decidedly not a bonny bairn!

It also frequently came in useful for 1940s fancy dress, for occasions that were likely to be too drink-sodden to risk ruining a vintage frock!

Natasha and I called it my 'Resistance Dress',  on the grounds that it looked like something Michelle of ze Resistance would wear.  Anyway, I loved it, but it got too big, and I was extremely impoverished and sold it on ebay, and I missed it terribly and was looking for a replacement.  But the asos dress wasn't it.

The End.  Here's a pretty picture of my gal Bette.

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  1. Sorting out library books *swoon* Sounds like a perfect day. I sent you a reply on twitter, no idea what the deuce is going on with bloglovin', how annoying! x


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