Monday 16 May 2011

"...since Thespis first stepped out of the chorus line..."

Post-Show Bereavement ought to be a recognised form of depression, and medication ought to be offered by the NHS.  Bette Queen of the World On Toast says it must be so!  Whilst temporary relief can be afforded from constant and intense facetime/text messages/Facebook commenting with one's erstwhile fellow cast members, currently the only known cure for Post-Show Bereavement is immediate immersion in the exciting opening stages of another show, which is how I avoided the brunt of the malady after The Grand DukeHMS Pinafore: The War Years has sadly sailed away into the distance, but while it was here it was UNPARALLELLED.  I tell you what, any Navy with us lot on board would have won any number of wars and vanquished any marauding Jerries by SINGING THEM TO DEATH!

When I get my hands on some good onstage photos I shall spam you all to tears.  In the meantime, apparently real life has carried on happening to other people.  As for me, still cycling to work every day (Oh, I never told you, did I?  Bicycle is called Catherine after the new duchess.  Good name for a bicycle, no?  I'm getting a leetle bit less frightened every day, soon I shall be a positive daredevil, wheee), computer is still broken and languishing in computer hospital (today's toast post brought to you by Simon's cute little toy laptop.)

A long time ago, before I let Bette on Toast slide into neglected decline, I had an Easter holiday.  I had a lovely time.  Here are some photographs of me having a lovely time:

Giving a lamb its breakfast, with STERN MISS HAMER VOICE

Balancing in a bluebell wood on Easter Sunday

This graceless infant is my distinguished grandfather:

And these photographs are of my great-great-great-grandmother, pictured with unbecoming ringlets.  And an unbecoming face.

I suppose I ought to go to bed now, but I shouldn't think there's any point.  Post-Show Bereavement manifests itself for me in insomnia.  During show week I never get any amount of sleep, and then afterwards my body clock goes "You want me to go to bed?  But it's merely 11 o'clock!  Sleep is for ordinary people.  We are thespian, darling!"

My body clock is a bit of a twat, really.


  1. Eeee, a little lambie! And your poor ggggrandmother. The ringlets were not a good choice. This is why we must not follow trends blindly x

  2. I have a cure for post-show depression-drink your gin baby. Which is one baby I'm prepared to get on board with. I love the polka dot dress and will add it to the list of things Im going to steal when I come visit-you will actually have to search my case when I leave if you don't want half your wardrobe to depart with me! Why do you appear to have a pet lamb?

  3. Also just realised that you are wearing the brooch I made you-happy face!


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