Monday 9 May 2011

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

Not dead, just been as busy as a bee, doing festive Easter things, spending far too much time and money on trains, buying a bicycle, having a virus-ridden, non-working computer and rehearsing more or less every night.  I'm so tired my legs and eyes have felt like they're vibrating all day!  It's SHOW WEEK!!  If you don't know how exciting that is... well, you probably never will, so don't bother your head about it, but it's bloody brilliant, anyway.

I have been a cyclist for exactly one day, and have already formulated my list of Things I am Never Doing.

Things I am Never Doing:

- Leaving my nice safe bike lane to go around a stopped bus
- Taking my hands off the handlebars to indicate
- Cycling up a steep hill, i.e. the one my house is at the bottom of
- Turning right.  Ever.
- Cycling in rush hour
- Cycling in the rain

Nighty night.  It's 8.39 and I genuinely think I'll go to bed in the next half hour!

Oh, and since there haven't been any Boring Outfit Posts for a while (I have been wearing clothes, honest!)...

... a little sneaky hint at my Pinafore costume!

"For I am the Captain of the Pin-a-fore, and- LINE ONE, LINE TWO, LINE THREE!"


  1. Hahaha oh no, not the LINE ONE LINE TWO LINE THREE issue >_< am I going to be forever remembered for shouting that?!

    I have a bicycle :) if we didn't live a good couple of days cycle away from each other, I would suggest a cycle ride! However, it might not be very successful, as I share your distaste for Hills, indicating and turning right, but combine it with a fear of speed and a fear of stopping. Oh and my Bike only has one gear... but it is very pretty :D

    SEE YOU TONIGHT! Love xx

  2. I'm not brave enough to cycle in London, though I know it would be good for both bum and budget. Good luck with Pinafore! x

  3. Great post!Love the bike..:)


    Don't bother to pass by anytime..:)


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