Friday 8 April 2011

I'm late, I'm late, why am I always late?! Because you take pictures of yourself instead of getting ready, that's why.

Evening, world!

The weather has been friggin' GORGEOUS today.  I told you wearing dresses and flowers would make it summer!

Things I have done of note this week include making a stage appearance as a tapping flapper.

Hold on hun, we're gonna bunny hug...
Also buying new straighteners and curling my mop with them.

Is it me or are my eyes going green?!
More practice needed, I think.  I am actually pretty good at straightener ringlets on other people's hair, but mine is a smidge too short and too thick to get very good results.

In short, a little bit shitters, but my new toy is perfectly adequate for straightening.  Today was a good hair day.

Overheard in the staffroom:  "Bette's sporting her St Trinians look again!"

I've been trying to get out of the rut of wearing my clothes in exactly the same way each time, so set myself the challenge of styling this obviously sandals-and-sunglasses dress in a manner more suited to the chilly Spring winds of this morning.  I'm sure my ankle socks get plenty of sneers from the chavtastic troglodytes I pass as I skip around Newcastle, but I like the look!  My cardigan was a hand-me-down and is a little too big for me so I've never yet worn it, but by tying it at the waist and folding the top in to make a v-neck I made it into a far more flattering shape.  Genius!

Here I am throwing gangsta shapes to show off my new jewellery.  I took advantage of Miss Selfridge's bargainous sale prices the other day (and also spent my ebay earnings on something totally silly that probably won't suit me in the slightest and furthermore WASN'T in the sale, but I'll wait until it arrives and can be tried on before I show you!)  (If it looks horrendous and I decide to return in, I'll probably still photograph it for your amusement.)  Miss Selfridge is fast replacing Oasis in my affections.  Anyway, where was I?  Gangsta shapes:

I probably should have foreseen that wearing ridonkulously large earrings around small children was a mistake, as they didn't even make it until playtime.  Now one earring is hanging up on the staff notice board with a sad little note asking that its broken twin be returned to Miss On Toast if it turns up in a dusty corner! 

You can't even see my ring and bracelet, so here's an arty close-up, showing off my current obsession with paua shell:

So pretty!  The shell and earrings were brought back from New Zealand for me by the mother, my new ring's from Miss Selfridge, and I bought my bangle at a school fundraiser last week.

By this afternoon it had certainly turned into sandals-and-sunglasses weather.  My friends and I sat outside the cafe during our regular Friday lunchtime gossip-and-overpriced-sandwiches gathering, and after lunch Year One went into the garden and sang songs.  "When I was one I sucked my thumb the day I went to sea!  I jumped aboard a pirate ship and the captain said to meeee...!"  I bloody love my job.  Long may it continue (!)

The best song for days like this:


  1. You have a signature St Trinians look? That is a claim to fame! Love Rufus xx

  2. Hahaha, I think it came about because when I debuted my ankle socks I was told I looked like a naughty schoolgirl! (I'm assuming my colleague meant the gymslip and ink pellet catapault type, rather than the dodgy pornstar type!)


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