Saturday 5 March 2011

I don't care what the weatherman says.

Winter coat, you are defunct.  I can no longer recognise you.  I will skip around in my nautical mac, even if there is a thick layer of frost on the ground, I can see my breath and my fingers (and knees) are numb before I’m halfway to school.  (It wasn't so bad yesterday, but Thursday morning was minus-something!)

Cute, innit?  Good old Primark!

Speaking of summery jackets, I would like some suggestions of how to wear this birdies blazer from H&M:

I've been wearing it like this, with jeans and a tight, white t-shirt sticking out.  (Also pictured: beer stain on my tummy after some frau bumped into me and caused drink-spillage - this photo was taken after I got home last night!)  But how else to wear it, viewers?  I can see it as a cardi-alternative in the summer, open, over a sundress, but it's not going to get warm enough in Newcastle for that any time soon, even if I DO wear summer coats and flowers in my hair and blithely ignore the frost.  All suggestions welcome.  'Elp!

Also, very impressed with the staying power of the Clinique lipstick I got free with Glamour magazine this month - it lasts for hours!  Shame I don't actually like the colour.

Overheard at school
SMALL GIRL: [brandishing a wicker basket she found somewhere] Oh Grandma, what big teef you have!  Oh no, it's a wolf!  Where is the woodcutter?!
MISS HAMER:  Are you being Little Red Riding Hood?
SMALL GIRL:  Miss Hamer, shush.  You sit there on that table and don't make any noise while I'm acting.

I don't remember her being this... theatrical before I started working with her...!

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