Tuesday 1 March 2011

Gentlemen Prefer Boring Outfits in the Park

Small boy:  Miss Hamer, Miss Hamer, it's my birthday today!
Me:  It's my little sister's birthday too!
Small boy:  I'm seven!  How old is your little sister?
Me:  She's twenty-two.
Small boy:  No way!

Happy birthday Stephieann!

As I probably mentioned once or thrice, last week I was treading the boards. (It went very well, thank you.  Stay tuned for the inevitable 'I was in a play' post sooner or later)  Show week coincided with half-term, which meant that I was able to spend the entire week doing lovely things (and by 'doing lovely things' I mean 'staying in the pub until closing time every night') with my thespian friends.  I'm firmly of the opinion that if I wear flowers in my hair that means it IS summer, so my pal Hannah and I prepared for opening night by going for a stroll through the park.

What's that I spy looming on the horizon?  Why, it's HMS Pinafore!

My dress is from Primark, my jacket is from Oasis, my scarf is from H&M and my boots are so knackered that I almost left them to achieve immortality in the Shoe Tree...

Don't do it, Bette!  You'll have to walk home barefoot!
I found it slightly amusing that no fewer than four people texted me this morning, full of concern, to inform me that Jane Russell had died.  I love that I'm the first thing people think of when they hear that olden-days movie stars have snuffed it.  Poor dead, beautiful Jane. 

This picture's my absolute, total favourite.

Dazzling, wasn't she?


  1. You did your best, but I'm still not convinced it is summer! Looking forward to hearing about your theatrical exploits x

  2. I love that dress, Primark you say? Gorgeous! I wore gloves today - it's definitely not summer, even though I wish it was. When my steering wheel is too cold to touch with bare hands, it's definitely not summer. :(


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