Tuesday 8 March 2011

It smelled just like the halls of old Rydell

What do you do when your hairdryer, which belonged to your deceased Granny, who bought it some time in the early '90s, finally gives up the ghost and expires, emitting a cloud of smoke and an unpleasant smell?

Well, to avoid your fringe drying into 1990s boyband 'curtains', you do THIS:

[If any of my admirers are reading this, kindly avert your eyes now, as I would prefer you to continue believing that the face I paint on every morning is actually the one Nature gave me...]

Anyway, you do THIS:

And then in the morning you have THIS:

And then you dress up like a 1950s teenager and go about your day.  Like THIS:


  1. Great outfit - I love your skirt

  2. he he, I think dressing like a 50's teenager is really the only choice you have. I wish I looked like the first photo when I was getting ready... *sigh* if only... Perhaps when I'm older I'll realise my dream of having my very own "powder-room" with hats, feathers and vintage hairdryers as far as the eye can see... until then. *sigh* x


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