Wednesday 17 November 2010

An Outfit for a Cold Day (No Gingers Allowed)

It would have been Louise Brooks' 104th birthday this past weekend, and in her honour (Lies. Coincidence.) I Brooksified my hair.

Went on a school trip to an urban farm today, and it was fuh-fuh-fuh-fuh-freezing. 
 Outfit details:
Deco-print scarf - was a present, methinks it came from Next
Belt - The amazing Copenhagen charity shop
Jeans Denim-look trousers, so I can get away with wearing them for work - Peacocks
Very on-trend chunky-knit jumper - actual little boy's cricket jumper, stolen from an actual little boy (Mum bought it in Help the Aged for a friend's son but I thought it would look better on me)
Not pictured - chocolate leather bomber jacket from Oasis 
Also not pictured - the ugliest trainers in the world

Oufit muses: Flying flappers Elinor Smith and Amy Johnson

I've got to admit, I miss my ginger locks a wee bit. I think the black washes me out a little, but it could just be the plague that I'm currently bearing manfully without whingeing (Lies. Lots of whingeing.) that's making me pallid.  I feel like I need a smidge more definition with my make-up this week.  Still, I like the raven hair, and what's the point in making a change if it's going to come out the-same-only-different?

Drink, anyone?

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