Sunday 14 November 2010

Laurel-Crowned Biscuit Thief

 I tell you what, Simon doesn't make it easy for me to steal his biscuits.

Look at that - a completely equal number of biscuits in each column, thus making it very obvious when one 'disappears'.  The only noble thing to do was to steal two, 'cos if they're uneven Simon's head will explode.  Aren't I kind to him?

(Fear not, fans of justice.  I've been researching biscuit recipes to make some treats to take for my chums on our birthday celebration (hurrah!) slash Christmas shopping (groan groan groan) weekend in London, and I daresay there will be one or two left over to repay Simon.  I'm thinking chocolate gingerbread Christmas trees and lemon stars.  Is it Friday yet?!)

In non-biscuit-related news, on Friday night I went out with a necklace on my head.

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