Sunday 17 October 2010

These trappings, these tatters, these we can just afford

Made it tiny because nobody needs to see how much of a twerp I look when I think it's funny to make faces at the camera.
I look like a bit of a scruff today.  I hate looking like a scruff, don’t you?  Especially when you go shopping.  People seem to dress up to go shopping at the weekends – I see all these teenage girls, free of the school uniform they’ve worn all week, strutting around every Saturday in the head-to-toe Topshop they bought last Saturday.  It just makes you feel like a right urchin when you find yourself in their midst in (very uncharacteristic for me, I might add!) jeans, t-shirt, trainers and no lipstick.  I hate being underdressed.  Hold it!  Conspiracy theory forming!! I reckon the high street chains do it on purpose.  They deliberately spread this anti-scruffpot feeling and sneer at you and make you feel like a worm until you almost scurry away to the nearest charity shop, being the only place you are fit for in your current bag-lady attire, but then the thought occurs to you that if you brave Topshop and the hordes of scornful teeny-boppers around you and buy something, anything, NEW to wear, then maybe next week you’ll be able to show your face in town without shaming yourself by shuffling around looking like a hobo.  They prey on your insecurities and your fear of being noticed for the wrong reasons and exploit it until you fall, helpless, into the merciless jaws of capitalism!  It’s a dirty trick, and I fall for it every single time.  So this is my new dress:

It's appealingly curtainsy

Completely the right time of year to be buying summer dresses, of course, but fortunately I am a whizz at winterifying summer clothes, so:

A bit Von Trapp, but I can live with that.


  1. Great minds indeed! I love the new dress, anything curtainy definitely does it for me x

  2. Hahaha - when I wore this dress on wednesday my friend Anne said 'So, did you make your dress out of the Captain's curtains?' I think that's why I like it. Looks gorge on you!


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