Saturday 16 October 2010

Arabian Nights?

Following on from the immense success of the 'accidental hooker' outfit last week, yesterday was another one of those times when you throw on clothes, look in the mirror and think "No, of course not, dummy', and then realise you're already late and there's no time to change.

You would think that somebody with as many pairs of red shoes as me would be able to find some in a shade that didn't clash with her top, wouldn't you?

Like my top?  I got it for my 18th birthday back in 2004 and wore it to my birthday party, along with my jingly-jangly charm bracelet belt.  And I bought the cardi in 2007 to tone down a halterneck dress, and my mum brought me back that ribbon necklace from some random country like Latvia several years ago, and my gold bangles came from Oldham market when my friend Rosie wanted to be a Bollywood princess for a party in 2003.  I normally think I'm pretty good at chucking clothes away (A-hem, I do of course mean that I very responsibly donate them to the needy / sell them for maximum profit on ebay), but I was all about the oldies last night!  I actually don't think I've worn my 18th b'day top and belt since I was 18.  It was kind of nice to 'rediscover' them.  (I like to think they were astounded by how much more effortlessly glamorous and sophisticated I am these days ;op)

Pretty sequins!
Here are Theda, Pola (don't you just love those clunky silent-screen-star names?) and Gloria doing Jazz Age Arabian Nights in style, so I can pretend I did it on purpose:

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