Wednesday 15 September 2010

We're tapping even faster now, we're shaking loose the plaster now.

I'm always in a bind as to what to wear to my tap class. (Yes, I am that cool! ;o) ) I had my first lesson of the new term tonight and ohmigod, I'd forgotten how flippin' brilliant it makes me feel.  Even though I'm a total novice who can't stand on one leg and doesn't know her left from her right!  Anyway, tonight I just stayed in the dress and tights I'd worn all day at school, because it was nice and comfy (Although!  Word of advice - tap dancing in magic hold-you-in knickers = NOT COMFY) and it had play-doh and small child snot over it and needed to go in the wash tonight anyway.  It's black and t-shirty and above the knee and clingy, and there aren't any pictures of it because I was a busy bee this morning and I look as tired as I feel right now.  I was too hot in it and looked a trifle silly as everyone else was in 'exercise clothes'.  What to wear next week, though??  Trousers are no good because I have to see my feet and ankles in the mirror otherwise I do it even more wrong.  Tunic-y top and leggings would be the obvious choice but ewww.  

See?!  My LIFE is so HARD!

I like the bits in those 1930s Warner Brothers backstage musicals, where you get to see what the chorus girls turn up to rehearsals in.

I could totally wear that to school tomorrow. 

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