Saturday 11 September 2010

"Stop wiping your nose on my skirt, there's a good girl."

 Ooh look, I've got lines on my legs like people in the olden days!

Just an outfit-rundown that will be of minimal interest to, well, anybody.  Note to self, write some toast posts that aren't boring!

On Wednesday I evidently wanted to skip around pretending to be a sweater girl or bobby-soxer.   

I wanted a vintage look but actually it's all fake fake fake (or no, we call it 'repro', don't we?)  My pencil skirt is from Primark, my stretchy black t-shirt came from Topshop so long ago that it's actually gone sort of crunchy, I got my spectators in Dorothy Perkins, and my seamed stockings are actually tights (notice how they went from kinky to grannified as soon as I admitted that?  That's the effect of gussets!  Hee hee!) that I got in Fenwicks.  Adorable little birdie brooch that you can't actually see because I'm a crap photographer is by .  Pallid, unenthusiastic, desperately-in-need-of-lipstick visage is courtesy of it being not yet 7 a.m. and my being in desperate need of breakfast.

Thursday - 1950s housewife who wants to run away with the circus?  I dunno.  It's a frankly brilliant dress that my leetle seester the ebay queen gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago, paired with red ballet shoes (That sounds misleadingly Moira Shearer, doesn't it? I don't know why I call all 'flats' ballet shoes.  They're not, anyway.) and a belt that I thought was white until I saw it next to the white polkadots!

Friday. This ensemble makes me feel like a '20s or '30s schoolgirl in my slightly-drop-waisted pleated skirt and sensible Mary Janes from the Marks and Spencer Footglove Ugly Sensible Shoes collection. (Seriously. I bought the only cute style in the shop.)  I normally wear it with a more schoolgirl-looking brown thin jumper thing with trumpetty sleeves, but it's still just summery enough to not want to wear jumpers!  Skirt:  Warehouse factory second, shrug: some second-hand shop years ago, shoes: Marks and Sparks, patterned tights: can't remember, silly pose and gormless expression:  me trying too hard!
 Casual today because it's Saturday and I couldn't be bovvered.  Skirt from Oasis, white t-shirt was a cast-off from me mam, belt was necessary because t-shirt was shapeless and made me look thick around the waist. (Simon, if you say one word about M&Ms I'll kick you.)  Also pictured, my brilliant new pin-up girl brooch from, which comes under the category of 'Not suitable to wear at school, even on non-uniform day'.  I'm bisected by a shadow because I'm a crap photographer.

To-do List:                                                                                1) Buy a new, non-crunchy black t-shirt.                                       2) Stop posing like an idiot in my morning clothes pictures.          3) Be less lazy and take the dressing gowns and towels off my    door in my morning clothes pictures.                                              4) Learn to take pictures that aren't crap!


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