Monday 27 September 2010

Hilarity at the Edinburgh Fringe

MOTHER OF BETTEONTOAST:  What's that thing that looks like a jar of congealed fat?
BETTEONTOAST:  It's a candle.  It's Simon's.
MOTHER OF BETTEONTOAST:  It looks like it would make good gravy.

SIMON:  Why have you got a dead thing around your neck?
BETTE:  Why are you such a dickhead?
SIMON:  Maybe I'm a dickhead because I live with someone who likes dead things.
BETTE:  Maybe I like dead things because I wish you were dead.

In other news, the heating has come on at school four days early, hurrah, and my only remaining intact pair of skin-colour tights have been decimated by the affectionate five-year-old who likes to cuddle my legs during registration.

1 comment:

  1. This can be part of our show! Let's start writing a script. I'll play you and you can play Tricia.


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