Sunday 24 November 2013

Hours twenty-four


How are things on The Internet?  Rather a lot has changed here in real life since last I posted.  It will take far too long to catch up (Short version - Life: Splendid) so here instead are some snapshots of my glamorous showbiz life.

I fancied trying my hand at one of those 'a photo every hour' posts, and as yesterday was my birthday AND the finale of a short but very sweet show, I thought it a jolly good opportunity. (Actually, I chose yesterday because I imagined it would be a day full of exciting variety, but you will notice that the majority of photographs were taken in the pub...)

Right, so. Saturday the 23rd November, 2013.

Midnight. Sleepy Hannah posing with Godfrey the owl.

Eight o'clock.  Two excited girls.  Happy birthday Elizabeth!

Nine o'clock. Breakfast time.

(Half past nine. Breakfast pudding!)

Ten o'clock. A very pretty present.

Eleven o'clock. Puzzling over my new anti-ageing skin care regime.

Twelve o'clock. Lovely dining companions.

One o'clock. Too hungry for careful photography.

Two o'clock. So begins the theatrical part of the day.

At three o'clock I was otherwise engaged, putting my finely honed G&S-face skills to good use, but here is four o'clock - some shambolic selfies immediately after the matinee:

Bah. Formatting on iPad-Blogger is megarubbish.

Five o'clock. Scrabble in the pub.

Six o'clock. Crochet in the pub.

Seven o'clock. Nearly showtime again! Flamin' Norah pictured in toilet selfie.

(Eight o'clock, similarly indisposed.)

Nine o'clock. Post-show blues already setting in.

Ten o'clock. A little of this magical liquid soon cheers us up.

Eleven o'clock. After-show party gossips.

Midnight. Regular mealtimes don't really exist in show week!

Bonus photograph. High treason. Really high treason.

Utterly spiffing day, all in all. Thank you friends, thespians and well-wishers.


  1. This is such a fun idea for a post - in a round about kind of way, it reminds me a bit of all those posts and Youtube videos that were popular a few years back in which people revealed the contents of their handbags to the world, only this is (to my mind at least) far more interesting and shows a more dynamic glimpse into a person's world.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I discovered your site accidentally while looking at pictures of Anna Neagle--and I find it enjoyable, and you fascinating. Yet I see you haven't posted since 2013--and I'm curious. What are you doing now?


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