Friday 1 February 2013


I have high hopes for 2013.  This new year is going to be a panacea.  It's going to bring us a huge gulp of fresh, sweet air.  Giggling on the bridge at half-past eleven on the 31st, I expected to feel the change physically.  I was confident that our shoulders would lift, our heads would spin and our feet would dance the moment the clock struck twelve.

Of course, that wasn't the way it happened.  For one thing, there was no clock striking at all - people began a countdown on the Quayside, more people began a slightly unsynchronised countdown further up the Quayside, and as we on the bridge, bewildered, joined in at around '6', two off-kilter sets of fireworks exploded from different riverside locations.  But it was brilliant.

With a sense of February Dread looming (I've always found it a completely dismal month, haven't you?), I had begun to find myself losing faith in 2013 already (I found myself typing "I had high hopes" at the beginning of this post!)...  But!  Thinking about it, that rather lovely New Year's Eve really seems like much longer than a month ago.  A hundred tiny adventures ago. This January I may have measured out my life with coffee spoons, but in the past thirty-one days I have:
* Swum in the sea * Cooked home-made meals * Begun to learn BSL * Cried * Sung * Played netball * Drunk cocktails * Argued * Laughed * Read three good books and two excellent short stories * Hired a locksmith * Had a trip to the cinema * Flirted * Rehearsed * Discovered a new favourite cafe * Walked in fresh midnight snow * Regretted * Been to a party * Been to a restaurant * Fallen off my bike * Kissed * Visited a capital city * Had a hangover * Enjoyed the lighter days! * Hated and loved my job * Been to a fair * Had my hair done * Whinged * Explored a graveyard * Bought shoes with sequins on  * Lost at Scrabble *
* Made resolutions *

Not too dusty.  Come on then, February, let's have you.

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good January to me! Hope February treats you well.


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