Friday 15 February 2013

It's leading business, pet.

Hello from Theatreland!

Treading the boards this week, and it's Friday, which means we've just passed the halfway point of The Grand Duke.  It's all going more or less well, with only minor disasters so far, although the less that's said about my attempts to be a soprano, the better...  Strangely, this year the show-week hysteria, which usually possesses me for at least a fortnight before the show, only kicked in after the curtains closed on the second performance.  I was really quite worried and almost considered retiring from the stage, but today I woke up with the show-week jitters and am quite looking forward to showing off tonight.  Not quite at the point where, last year, one of my colleagues threatened to lock me in the stationery cupboard if I kept up my hourly "I'm going on-stage in X hours" updates, but a little excited nonetheless.

Anyway, sometime last week I happened across a post I made this time last year; a day-by-day run-down of a week similar to this one in last February.  I'm sharing it here again as a memento.  It was my favourite blahg post of 2012, and the week itself was probably my highlight of the year.  Every day I did exciting things with wonderful people and my often-sulky face was never without a "Smile for the camera, you say? Oh, go on then!" grin.

February 2012

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