Saturday 17 March 2012

So very incompletely dressed.

Hello, this is a Boring Outfit Post.

You know those really annoying times when you're forced to spend FOUR WHOLE POUNDS on some footwear for a theatrical costume (like, for instance, white ballet flats), that you know you will never ever wear again?

Turns out that white ballet flats are suprisingly useful, especially for someone with a large collection of brightly-coloured tights and no neutral shoes!

(Tights anecdote: Yesterday one of my colleagues said to me, "I thought I saw you on your bike at lunchtime, and I thought to myself, "What's Elizabeth doing on her bike at this time?"  Looked just like you, same clothes and same bike and everything.  And then I noticed she was wearing black tights and I thought "Can't be Elizabeth. Wrong colour legs.")

Anyway, Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, and I'm not wearing boots again until November, so there.

(I looked fat in the picture where I was smiling, so two grumpy ones instead!)
Stylish for posing in the garden at breakfast time, but I might have looked a bit stupid when I changed into blue plimsolls (Don't cycle in ballet shoes.  They fall off at crucial moments, i.e. busy junctions), a red coat and a silver and pink bike helmet! 

Next challenge, wear the mob cap in everyday life...

1 comment:

  1. They look so perfect with your tights! I would have assumed I would never wear white shoes too, but the cream lace ups I bought recently are getting loads of wear - just avoid rainy days!


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