Wednesday 28 March 2012

Sing that old song, how does it go? Look out sunshine, here's the punchline.

Hello, this is the second Boring Outfit Post of the week.  Also the second Boring Outfit built around ridiculous ankle socks.  I think I've found my summertime replacement for my ridiculous rainbow tights obsession!  (Dear sunshine and highs of 21 degrees, please stick around until Autumn.  This is bliss. Love, Bette)

(Dear Self, pasty legs are not terribly attractive. Break out the fake tan before School Picture Day tomorrow!)

My evacuee shoes proved to be just as effective for posing on the garden wall as they were for posing on the front steps in Monday's post!

Darn runaway straps!

Shoesies: Primark
Socks: Topshop
(Sale, obviously.  As if I'm paying Topshop prices for socks.)
Skirt: No idea.  It's been in my possession since I was at school, I'm sure.
Blouse: Quiz, almost as long ago.

Dammit, I really need to get rid of this pink background - my pictures look atrocious!

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