Wednesday 7 September 2011

Your Position as a Topman is a Highly Exalted One

Thanks to a dear friend who can't be trusted to buy clothes by himself, on Sunday I found myself, for the first time, in Topman.  I detest Topshop for having ideas above its station, but didn't think the man version would be quite as up itself.

We didn't look around that much, but while Matt was in the changing room I did happen to spot something that I absolutely NEED in my life:

Awesome!  It reminds me of my fave Cath Kidston print (Which, annoyingly, you can't buy in a handbag format, because it's supposedly for little boys)

As much as Matt claims to trust my clothes-buying advice, I don't think he would be impressed if I insisted he buy this cowboy shirt and wear it at every social occasion, so I'm going to have to have it for myself.  I'm going to bookmark its place on the Topman website and stalk stalk stalk until it comes into the sale, and when it does I'm going to purchase it and I'm going to wear it knotted at the waist, with a denim skirt and my Cacophony Hicksville cowboy boots.

AND, whilst dressed in such a way, I'm going to hide in this tent with some spam, ginger beer and gobstoppers, and shoot Indians with a pop-gun.

1 comment:

  1. that shirt is amazing!!!! :) :) :) Im so happy you snagged it when it was in the sale. it does look like a Cath Kidson print.


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