Monday 20 June 2011

Cherry lips and oily fingers

As you probably already know, Revlon recently relaunched some of their classic nail and lip shades, the iconic Cherries in the Snow and Fire and Ice.

Being a sucker for anything with vintage appeal or retro charm, I obviously bought myself a KER-POW PINK Cherries in the Snow lipstick.

Hazard of riding a pretentious girly bicycle:  Your chain slipping off mid-journey, going KER-PLUNK and leaving your feet spinning frantically, forcing you to kneel in the ditch for several minutes, vainly trying to hook it back on with increasingly blackened fingers, before giving up, wheeling the machine back home and engaging your long-suffering flatmate to unscrew the chain guard and pedal to sort it out before he'd even got in through the door.

According to Simon; "This is what you deserve for wearing ridiculous sock/shoe combinations."

In other hilarious news...

Simon and I went to a party, where we proceeded to carry on text conversations with each other, whilst in the same room, about various other people in the same room, who were all probably clearly aware of this, since my lit-up phone could easily be seen through my chiffon pockets, and whenever I sent Simon a message I would alert him to this by yelling "PING PING!" in imitation of his i-Telephone message tone.  Then we realised we couldn't text accurately anymore so we moved on to speaking aloud in code.  Simon's German is much better when he's drunk; he could manage accusative and dative agreements.  Also, how DO you spell "tashing on"? 

Over and out, beautiful people.

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