Thursday 14 April 2011


Evening, chums.

A few toast posts ago I told you about a garment I'd bought from Miss Selfridge, that I wasn't sure was going to be quite suitable.  Well, it has arrived, and I have decided that although undoubtedly fabulous, it isn't really me, and I intend to at some point in the next 28 days pick it up off the floor, stuff it back into its plastic bag, whack some parcel tape on it and pop it into a shiny red pillarbox to be sent back to Miss Selfridge HQ.

In the meantime, here are some photographs for your amusement.  Also for your amusement, some of my characteristic poses.

Shock and horror, it isn't a dress!  It is in fact 'Navy Wideleg Dungaree Trousers', which I think is a nice, euphemistic way of putting 'you are wearing an S/S11 1970s-trend jumpsuit, you mindless fashion sheep!'  I think it is very lovely as jumpsuits go, and I am a committed Margo Leadbetter fan, but really the '70s aren't quite my thing.  I loved the picture on the website because I thought it looked very '40s, actually!  I did love the feel of the wide, swishy trousers though - I wonder if I could pull off a pair of those colourful palazzo pants that look like pyjamas...!

(As you can probably tell from the fact that I'm frivolously posting drivel about dungaree jumpsuits rather than Googling train journeys to Beachy Head, I did not get made redundant today.  The whole day was so utterly bloody that I don't actually even feel happy about this yet, but I am relieved.)


  1. It may not feel like you, but that outfit is so Ginger!

  2. I had seen it on the site and quite liked it, but now I have seen it one someone I WANT it. Off to check price now...


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