Friday 17 December 2010

Come! And! Join the Celebration!

Last day of term, yeee-haaa!!  I'm going to tell you a story about a leopard, but first bear with me through a short boring outfit post.

I thought I looked a bit doof this morning when I put this creation on, but I grew to love it as the day wore on!


When the girls I work with asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said "A boyfriend, har har" and they started going on about swapping me for camels and so forth (Oh, incidentally Simon, "Starbucks in the town" was cited as THE place to go to look at young fitties, so maybe the one that hates you is more a case of the lady doth protest too much, hem hem...) but in the end they didn't sell me to the highest bidder, they gave me a fantastically tacky leopard-print jacket instead.

I LOVE it.

It is our Christmas party tonight, and the jacket will be given its first outing.  I don't think it particularly goes with my dress, and I will freeze my knackers off* but I DON'T CARE.

*Have I even got knackers?  Is it a synonym for balls?  I'm going to Google...  Ah yes, apparently it's  "a low and dialect 19th and 20th century term", coming from 'knockers'.  Or it could mean a knacker as in the knacker's yard, or it could also have roots in 'gonads', yes ok, that's enough about knackers now, dear me, I shall blush.

I'm going to show you a close-up of my 'do, so be prepared to worship me as a hair guru, because I've got a necklace on my head again, and I look BRILLIANT.

Gormless, but oh-so-glam.
Right, I'm off for some Christmassy fun.  Hope I survive - you haven't partied until you've partied with primary school teachers, that's for sure!


  1. Wow, your new jacket is WUNDERBAR. Love it very much. And the necklace on head is also pretty awesome - I actually own the same one so I am going to steal your idea (once I fix the darn broken catch).

  2. Those gold shoes look so good with that shade of green, I shall have to try that combination. Also, like the boots x

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies! I thought the necklace-on-the-head brainwave was one of my more brilliant moments! I hoped it would look Cleopatra-like over my fringe now my hair's dark, but annoyingly my fringe has got a wee bit long and the necklace weighted it down and got in my eyes and I can't be doing with that!
    Miss Lemon, I call those my Strictly Come Dancing shoes, because the female dancers always seem to have plain gold heels, whatever the colour of their costume!

  4. I used to have a lovely pair just like that from Topshop. Unfortuately a friend of mine pilfered them for her wedding and made off to the capital! Must retrieve them soon methinks! x


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